Self-Storage Units

Your home away from home, Wilson Storage’s MAX storage units are ideal for storage of seasonal clothing and accessories - they come with storage racks to help you utilize every inch of space.  Our other storage solutions, with storage units ranging from 8 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft., are flexible to suit your needs.

Wilson Storage offers:
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year access to your storage unit
  • Work station complete with packaging materials, e.g. scissors, stretch films, box-sealing tape, nylon strings, markers
  • Platform trolley/ ladder lending service

Additional convenience is provided with the following items available for sales at the counter:
  • Carton boxes
  • Padlock
  • Gloves
  • Bubble wrap
Wilson Storage knows that you want your life's belongings to be stored in a secure environment. Our facility is guarded by a high level security system, complete with:
  • Two-factor door access control (proximity card reader and PIN)
  • Continuous closed circuit TV surveillance with digital recording, monitored by our round-the-clock security officers
  • Alarm system connected to our 24-hour Operations Support Center

Climate Control
A dedicated climate control system is in place to ensure:
  • Optimized ventilation
  • Temperature maintained at 25°C (±2°C)
  • Humidity maintained below 70%

Hazard Prevention
Smoke detectors are installed throughout our premises with fire exits clearly marked

We carry out pest control frequently as well as prohibit any storage of food and liquid in our facility
Other on-site facilities at Wilson Storage include:
  • Free Wifi
  • Waiting area complete with arm-chair and drinking water machine
  • Toilet and dressing room exclusive for customers